Unlike like traditional fogging, Puro-san uses an Electric Static Spraying System which uses an American patented technology which can cling to every surface it reaches thanks to a negative electrostatic charge applied in the sprayer. This is what allows the disinfecting process to be both touchless and offer optimal distribution.

The system enables the air and surfaces in the cleaning zone to be disinfected automatically, including those areas which you might be unable to reach using standard disinfecting and sanitisation methods.

The process itself essentially turns the liquid disinfectant solution into ionised particles through the special air compressed device. The electrostatic spraying system and optimised nozzle ensure it covers optimal surface area, spraying with precision and eradicating germs in a non-corrosive way.

The main benefit of using Puro-San touchless disinfectant products is that it can be a highly cost-effective disinfection solution for your sector. Each unit can be operated by a sole Puro-San Technician, and it takes only a fraction of the time compared to other cleaning processes to clinically disinfect a standard room, making the cost of our services highly effective compared to the costs associated with traditional fogging and steam cleaning processes.

We use an effective, innovative leading edge disinfection Solution called Bacoban, which is a new technology that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould for up to 10 days and is our top of the range product.

Our products are effective against coronavirus.