Our Products

Here at Purosan, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality service possible. It is therefore no surprise that we offer our customers Bacoban, our primary choice of chemical for the sanitisation process. Bacoban is a water based, biocompatible, and eco-friendly chemical solution and is resistant to the most common bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus (Covid-19), MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B&C and Norovirus. The use of conventional disinfectants only kill micro-organisms during the period of active sanitisation. After that, when the disinfectant has evaporated, the treated area is again subjected to microbial strains. Until the next disinfection, a hygiene gap results, in which there can be a repeated settlement by micro-organisms. Bacoban effectively tackles this issue by giving continuously active protection for up to 10 days after application.

How does it work?

Whereas standard disinfectants are effective immediately and only last for a short period, Bacoban gives long lasting protection. This is made possible by the fact that Bacoban is able to establish an ultra-thin film on the desired surface. The biocides used to kill pathogens are embedded in the porous structure of the developing sponge-like gel and are washed out again when coming into contact with water.

Bacoban has been independently tested and proven to strict clinical standards. It is effective on floors, walls, furniture, glass, work surfaces and is also approved by aviation quality standards for use in aircrafts. The real benefit of such a disinfectant, if combined with our cutting edge electro static sprayer, is that it ensures a significantly higher safety against the spreading of germs and viruses, thus reducing re-infection.